Dear Friends,

I am sitting here in awe, contemplating where this life’s journey is going. In three weeks we will be in Guangzhou, China at the start of a two week tour in Asia.

This will be one of the most (humanly) difficult tours we have ever undertaken. Every aspect of this tour is a challenge: visas, finances, flights and venues where we can share the Joy.

One of the greatest areas of suspense in preparing a tour is who will fill every individual chair in the orchestra. Yes, we have regulars, but they comprise only perhaps one third to one half of the group. You may google names such as: John Harbaugh – trumpet; Charles Tumlinson – trumpet; Kris Berg – Bass; Tom Morgan – drums; Walle Larsson – sax. I could go on and on. Every one of these musicians is tops in his field and will be a part of this upcoming journey.

In Guangzou we have been invited to play private concerts in factories (e.g. Nissan Automobiles) a jazz club and a school. After China, we will pass through Hanoi in Vietnam, where the US Embassy has invited us to do a concert for them. We end this tour in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam where among other things, we will do a live video and audio recording with the Conservatory of Music. For these concerts we will add 20 string players made up of students and former students of the University. The school has opened its doors to us – not only to perform with us – but also to input into the students of the school with master classes. While we are there we will sponsor some of the students financially. A former producer with the BBC in London, John Forrest, will oversee the production.

I need you to get involved with us. Can you partner with us financially? Because we are a non-profit organisation and do not charge a fee for any of our concerts, we depend on you to help us. You can donate using Paypal here on our website.

Thank you for visiting the website. We will update with photos and videos on our return.

YOU make this happen! Thanks!