This is what the newspapers are saying...

This is what people are saying...

It will ALWAYS be our great pleasure to have you... Once again - and many many thanks!!!
- Mikkee Nattiv, Head of Cultural Activities Beit Halochem, Tel Aviv

This is the best big band I have ever heard in Israel!
- anonymous professional dancer

Lawrence her has done an outstanding work among us and in our country. We wish that he would work among us permanently.
 - Marek Wolkiewicz - Oaza - Lublin, Poland

"The weight of my office as Governor is behind you. Bulgaria needs the joy you bring." 
- Governor of Jambol Province, Bulgaria

"The best atmosphere and orchestra I have ever heard in East Africa"
- Fiona McIntyre, Managing Director - Grand Regency Hotel - Nairobi, Kenya

"Thank you for your wonderful spirit - orchestra -
thank you for helping us help others"

- Elizabeth Gatumia - Heart to Heart Foundation - Nairobi, Kenya

"The door to Bulgaria is open to you."
~ Blagovest Belev - Bulgarian TV - Jambol, Bulgaria